Healthy Birth Practices # 1

Let labour Begin On It's Own.

Last week I introduced you all to The Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices, each and everyone is important in the role of Labour and Birth and can help improve outcomes for mother and baby.

For many women, the last days and weeks of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable and emotionally difficult. We are anxious to meet our babies and hold them in our arms. Aches and pains may become more bothersome. Sometimes, minor problems or worries arise,and mothers may feel pressure to induce their labour—even when it would be safer to wait.

Letting your body go into labour spontaneously is almost always the best way to know that your baby is ready to be born and that your body is ready for labour. In the vast majority of pregnancies, labour will start only when all the players—your baby, your uterus, your hormones, and your placenta—are ready. Naturally, labour usually goes better and mother and baby usually end up healthier when all systems are go for birth. Every day of the last weeks of pregnancy is vital to your baby's and body's preparation for birth.

If your labour is induced (started artificially), it becomes a medical event and proceeds quite differently from spontaneous labour.
It’s important to remember that induction is forcing labour to begin before the baby and mother’s body are ready.

Let Labour Start on Its Own - Here's How:

• Know that your "due" date is not an expiration date. Only about 5 percent of moms give birth on their due date. Instead of a day, think of it as your due "month."
• Take a childbirth education class such as Birthability's, Learn how to have a safe, normal and healthy labour, learn about induction and informed decision making.
• If your care provider suggests an induction, ask questions. Is it an emergency? What's the risk in waiting? What are the alternatives?
• Hire a doula who can provide resources and information on labour and local care providers and birthplaces.
• Remind yourself that every day your baby is still on the inside is one more day she needs to grow and develop. 
• If you end up needing an induction, learn how you can keep your labour as normal and healthy as possible.