Emma’s Doula Support Testimony

Where do I start? Gemma, I can’t thank you enough for all the love, care and support you have given me along my pregnancy and birthing journey.

After a very negative experience with my first birth and care providers, left me feeling extremely nervous, anxious and fearful of my impending birth of my 2nd child.

To have you as that one ‘constant’, safe person, someone I could count on, someone who was there throughout my entire journey, encouraging me with phone calls, home visits, texts, emails etc, was exactly what I needed. The support, encouragement and care, from the get-go, on wards. To have that one person that I could count on and feel safe, knowing that you were only a phone call or message away. You went above and beyond in your encouragement and support of me.

To be able to call you during my labour and have your safe voice coaching me through it, and to have you waiting there as I stepped out of the car at the hospital was such a relief! I felt safe in your hands. Knowing that you were there for ‘me’ and that you had my back, was the BEST!

Thanks to your love and support, I was able to have the exact birth I had hoped for. Calm, confident and natural (without drugs or interference). Myself and my husband could not have done it so calmly and confidently without your support.

Thank you for everything you have done to help create a positive birth experience for us. You are such a beautiful, generous heart, and I am so blessed to have had you a part of my journey.

Doula support should be recommended to every new mother!! I will definitely be spreading the word of my amazing experience.