Healthy Birth Practice # 4

 Avoid interventions that aren't medically necessary.

The topic of interventions during labor and at birth can be controversial. Everyone has an opinion to share, and as an expecting mum those opinions can be overwhelming.

Birth is a natural process. We want to limit interfering with the vital hormones that regulate pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and attachment. Our bodies are amazing, and we are gifted with several hormones that help the birthing process move along to eventually give us a baby.

While it can be critical to use the available interventions to improve an outcome during labour, Certain medical interventions (medical procedures) are performed routinely on women in labour and in birth, but unfortunately, are not always necessary, and in fact, can cause unnecessary harm.

It is important to have a healthy understanding of interventions, and Birthability Childbirth education classes can help you become more informed, confident and supported at your birth.

Healthy Birth #4