Brooke’s Doula Support Testimony

Gemma from Birthability was what I needed during my pregnancy. Being a first time mother I had a load of questions and often found that I couldnt get them answered without "attitude" from the hospital.

Having Gemma to be able to email, text and talk to me at any hour, made me feel "heard" and during that time its exactly what I needed. In fact if Gemma hadn’t encouraged and me feel ok about going to the hospital when my baby wasn’t kicking ( nurses told me not to worry), My baby girl may not be here with us today and it was during this time I found out the placenta wasn’t functioning. Her presence during the birth of our daughter was a tremendous help, she gave us the support and care that we needed and helped to calm me and my husband.

It was fun to have these hour plus long sessions with her preparing for our birth, which is very different from the 20 minute appointments you get with your midwife. We also did her birthing class - which was amazing!

Its easy to see that Gemma loves what she does and she creates  a completely relaxed environment. Gemma is supremely calming and compassionate -- an absolute must during the high stress of labour.

She is wonderful and we would recommend her highly to all parents to be!

Thanks so much Gemma!