Is Lamaze all about breathing techniques?

For a long time, Lamaze classes were synonymous with breathing. So much so that they affectionately became known as the “huffing and puffing” classes. Lamaze today is not the Lamaze from your mother’s generation. While breathing is still acknowledged to be a valuable relaxation tool in labour, we don’t teach “methods” or “techniques” for breathing in labour. Instead, women are now taught a wide variety of comfort measures and relaxation techniques that can be extremely helpful in labour.

When is the best time to take a Lamaze course?

We recommend taking a course when you are in your third trimester (30 weeks +). That way, the information you learn in the course will be fresh in your mind when you go into labour and you and your partner will be able to use the skills you learned and put them into practice! However, for your comfort we also recommend that you finish the course no later than around 36 weeks. You can if you wish to, attend earlier in your pregnancy.

I’m planning to have an epidural, so why bother doing this course?

Lamaze promotes normal birth, but classes are definitely not anti-epidural or necessary medical intervention. You’ll learn about benefits, risks and alternatives to medication and intervention so that you can make informed decisions when you’re in labour. Bottom line – you’ll learn the latest, evidence-based information to help feel empowered to make the choices that are best for you.

In addition to my partner, can my doula/mum/labour support person also attend the course?

The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practice #3 is; “Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support” so the answer is a definite yes!, if that person is planning to support you in labour then you are more than welcome to have them attend the class with you. 

I’m a single mum-to-be. Can I still attend the course even if I don’t have a partner?

Single mothers-to-be are welcome to come to our course. We suggest you bring along a friend (or your doula) as you’ll want to have someone who can learn the massage and comfort techniques to help you during labour. So, choose someone who will be there to support you during your birth and bring them along.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, we do. Please contact us and we can provide a further discussion on Private Classes.

Does the course cover postpartum care, newborn care and early parenting?

Definitely! Lamaze courses recognise the importance of covering pregnancy, birth and early parenting and so these areas are all covered in a Lamaze course. We cover newborn care, a comprehensive overview of breastfeeding, what to expect in the first days, weeks and even months of your baby’s life, baby blues and postpartum depression (mothers and fathers). We will also look at the change in personal identity for mum, and possible changes in the relationship between couples, families and friends. We also organise a beautiful reunion get-together after all the babies in the group have been born. This is a wonderful opportunity to see everyone again, meet your gorgeous babies and share in your birth and early parenting experiences.

What if I cant attend the course I booked?

We understand that sometimes things happen that we cant control, or sometimes we simply forget. Birthability will send out a friendly reminder before your course commences. If you are unable to attend we are happy to re-book you or do a private session. 

We recommend that you contact us via email education@birthability or phone 0416 481 833 if you need to cancel or discuss in private the reason of being unable to attend.

To read our cancellation and privacy policy please click here