Birthability Doula Support

Pregnancy and childbirth mark a significant life transition for a woman and her family.

As your doula by your side, I will ensure that you will have up- to date evidence based information, support, care and guidance that you need to feel assured and confident to make empowered decisions for you and your baby.

I will guide you through your needs and desires, your fears and concerns. I will help you through until you feel energised and bursting with positive anticipation for your baby’s birth day. I will surround you with support, kindness and compassion, I will nurture, nourish, support and guide you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Having a doula can:

  • Lower the risk of Caesarean by 39%.

  • Increase the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth by 15%.

  • Decrease the use of any pain medications during labour by 10%.

  • Shorten labour by about 41 minutes on average

  • Increase your birth satisfaction.

You can read more about the benefits of doulas here.

As your doula, this also means that your birth partner will be well supported and able to support you unconditionally during your birth.

I will help you have a positive, supported, confident and empowering birth.

Whether you are a first time parent, are expecting a sibling to your firstborn, a rainbow baby or preparing for a caesarean or birth after caesarean, my birth support will see you feeling prepared, cared for and held as birth unfolds.

I cant wait to help support you and your family on this birth journey.

Before you decide to book with me, I offer all potential clients an obligation free meet & connect session in your home or at your local cafe to see how we align and to answer any questions you may have regarding my services.

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